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Font Size

If you wish to amend the font size through your browser please follow these instructions:

  • In Internet Explorer go to View > Text size > Select the text size you require.
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Changing your computer screen settings

To adjust the size of your screen display go to Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings and change the ‘pixel resolution’ by using the sliding bar.

Adjusting your keyboard and mouse

You can adjust the settings of your mouse and keyboard go to Start > Control Panel > Accessibility in Windows

Images and other non-text elements

We have provided alternative text for all relevant graphics and images so that people who cannot see this content can read the text. For items that are used for decorative purposes only, they contain an empty tag.

Alternative Format

Documents are available in large print, audio and Braille. Please contact us on telephone 02392 419 070 and we will be pleased to organise an alternative version for you.